“DEXA services are offered at our Fairfield Practice” 

DEXA stands for ‘dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry’. It is a test that measures the density of bones. A DEXA scan uses low-energy X-Ray from two different sources that pass through the bone being tested. As bone blocks a certain amount of the X-Rays, the denser the bone is, the fewer X-Rays will pass through to the detector. By using two different X-Ray sources rather than one, it greatly improves the accuracy in measuring the bone density.The density information from the detector is sent to a computer which calculates a score of the average density of the bone. This score is then compared to the expected range for someone of your age, height and weight. A low score indicates that the bone is less dense than it should be, and is therefore more prone to fracture.

A DEXA scan takes only 15 – 20 minutes, and is a painless procedure. You simply need to lie still on the specially designed table as the X-Ray source and detector slowly move over the areas being tested. These are typically your lower back and one hip.

Once the scan is complete, the Radiologist will review all of the statistical information and send a full report to your doctor.

We also offer Whole Body Imaging for Fat Mass Index. This service is ideal for people who are serious about improving their health and getting into shape. This emerging technology is being used in the fitness area and is considered to be highly accurate in measuring the body’s soft tissue composition including muscle mass and fat mass making it ideal for tracking progress.

The scan is for three main groups
1. Professional and recreational athletes, body builders
2. Personal training clients
3. Weight loss patients