“Mammography services are offered at our Fairfield Practice” 

A mammogram is a low dose X-Ray study of the breast tissue. The purpose of a mammogram is to identify any potential sites of breast cancer in the earliest stages of development, when most cancers are successfully treated. Mammography can often detect breast cancer years before a lump in the breast can be felt, and is capable of identifying breast cancers earlier than physical examinations alone.


At Direct Radiology, receiving a mammogram is an easy process. Our expert mammographer will work with you to take an X-Ray of each breast in multiple views. Once the images are produced, a radiologist who also specializes in breast imaging, will interpret them.

The radiologist can adjust brightness, change contrast and zoom in on specific areas to help detect small calcifications, masses and other changes that may be signs of early cancer. Being able to manipulate images in this way is one of the main benefits of digital technology.

In most cases, a mammogram will be followed by a breast ultrasound, as this often gives additional information. There is no specific preparation for a mammogram, however it is important to bring any previous mammogram films with you to your examination.