“Ultrasound services are offered at both our Fairfield and Yarra Ranges Practices.” 

Ultrasound is a diagnostic test that uses sound waves and a computer to produce images. The frequency of the sound is extremely high and is therefore not audible. Ultrasound examinations are generally non-invasive, painless, and are one of the safest medical tests available today. Ultrasound is used to view many internal organs and to assess blood flow through various vessels.

Direct Radiology provides a state-of-the-art ultrasound service, using only the latest premium Philips ultrasound systems including the new EPIQ platform.

Our sonographers have vast experience in all aspects of ultrasound, and are passionate about providing a caring and comfortable environment whilst obtaining an optimum study with accurate results.

Ultrasound Examinations Available at Direct Radiology

  • General studies – including abdominal and renal

  • Obstetric and gynaecological

  • Musculoskeletal

  • ‘Small parts’ such as thyroid, breast and testes

  • Vascular

  • Paediatrics

  • Ultrasound guided interventional procedures


Some examinations have specific preparation requirements:

PELVIC AND OBSTETRIC ULTRASOUND: You will need a comfortably full bladder so drink 600mls of water 1 hour prior to the examination and then do not go to the bathroom. Approximate examination time is ½ hour

RENAL and/or PROSTATE ULTRASOUND: You will need a full bladder so drink 750mls of water 1 ½ hour prior to examination and then do not go to the bathroom. Approximate examination time is ½ hour

UPPER ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND: You will need to fast for 6 hours prior to the examination (small amounts of water can be taken). Please also refrain from smoking and chewing gum prior to the examination. Approximate examination time is ½ hour.

For most musculoskeletal, vascular and small parts examinations there is no preparation.

Our helpful reception staff will advise you about the required preparation for your examination at the time of making your appointment.

Ultrasound Pregnancy
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