“Low Dose Digital X-ray services are offered at both our Fairfield and Yarra Ranges Practices.” 

Radiography (commonly known as X-Ray) is the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging.  Bone fractures or joint problems are the most common use of X-Ray, but it can also be used to check the heart, lungs, abdomen and other various organs.

Generally, two or more images may be taken.  A Radiographer creates the image by passing a very small amount of radiation through the body. This energy is captured on a special digital image receptor (or plate) and then is digitally processed to enable the radiologist to view the images via a computer workstation. The Radiologist then analyses and reports on the images, and the report is conveyed to your referring doctor.

Your doctor will order the X-Rays which are required but our staff will ensure that the correct test is being performed to answer the medical problem.

It is important to inform the radiographer prior to the procedure if there is any chance that you may be pregnant, as special precautions may need to be implemented.

At Direct Radiology we use the latest ‘state-of-the-art’ digital imaging systems that ensure you are given the lowest possible amount of radiation to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Paediatric X-Rays also are performed and we take extra care to ensure the lowest possible radiation dose to children.

There is no special preparation required for most X-Ray.

Please remember to bring any previous X-Ray with you on the day of your examination.